Vanessa Nirode

Vanessa Nirode

Vanessa Nirode is a runner, cyclist, writer and pattern maker based in New York City, who is taking an adult "gap year" this summer. Through, she is working on eco-projects in Spain, Italy and Croatia, including building an earthship in northern Spain. She is also taking part in a work study program hosted by City Travel Review in Barcelona, where she is assisting in writing a city travel guide.

Despite continued incredulity from others, Vanessa insists on wandering the globe. Here's why.
In the countryside of Spain, Vanessa most unexpectedly finds her roots when she volunteers to housesit.
A trek through ancient paths provides Vanessa with some much-needed reflection.
Vanessa puts away her cell phone and digs into permaculture on a volunteer placement in Spain.
Sometimes the universe gives you exactly what you need.
As Vanessa's departure grows closer, her excitement is being replaced by a new emotion—fear.
April 28, 2015

Find Your Own Peace

Vanessa is finding peace in her own way, in her own time.
Without a clear path, it's easy to get lost. Vanessa is trying to find her way.
Why Vanessa is leaving behind her apartment, cat and "good job" to volunteer abroad.


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