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Written by Amelia McKinlay
February 28, 2018
Who? What? Where? A few tips on choosing an environmental volunteer program.
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Written by Amelia McKinlay
December 14, 2017
Living in an isolated community in South Africa has presented a number of unexpected challenges.
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Written by Amelia McKinlay
October 20, 2017
My most remarkable wildlife experiences volunteering in South Africa. 
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Written by Amelia McKinlay
October 11, 2017
I made a surprising discovery about the country's wildlife and people—and I want to change it. 
Published in Volunteer Abroad Blogs
Written by Amelia McKinlay
September 12, 2017
I'd never lived outside a city. Now, I live amongst wild animals.  
Published in Volunteer Abroad Blogs
Written by Chelsea Schuyler
May 28, 2018
Cathy Hue works crazy hours, lives in a little wooden shed and spends three out of four weeks in the bush. She wouldn't trade it for anything.
Published in Why we travel
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May 25, 2011
Zimbabwe is a stunning southern African country of sparkling lakes, forested mountains, abundant wildlife and fertile land. Unfortunately, these are not the reasons that the country and its president, Robert Mugabe have been in the news so frequently over the past few years.
Published in Beyond the Guidebook
Written by Susan Griffith
May 16, 2012
Anyone with a bit of pluck can find temporary work abroad, says Susan Griffith, author of Work Your Way Around the World. It may not be all glamour, but there are loads of opportunities.
Published in Work Abroad
Written by
March 19, 2014
The challenges of beating HIV/AIDS in Africa are enormous—but the spirit of its young people may be even greater. 
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