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Trina Moyles

Trina Moyles

Trina Moyles is a Canadian freelance writer and photographer living in Kabale, Uganda, and volunteering with the Kigezi Healthcare Foundation. She writes about the collision of culture, community development, politics and sustainable living.
November 18, 2015

Palming Off the Problem

For poor farmers in Nicaragua, palm plantations mean environmental destruction, chemical exposure—and a paycheque. Is there an alternative?
October 30, 2014

Writing in the Dark

What it's like to write a book in southwestern Uganda.
Trina makes the move from travelling to living.
September 15, 2014

16 Ways to Say "Banana"

I say "banana" and you say. . ."kabaragala"?
How chocolate farmers are conserving Nicaragua’s rainforests.
Trina removed the iconic maple leaf from her backpack. Here, she explains why.
Taking a traditional Mayan bath in Comitancillo, Guatemala.
Trina visits a market in Guatemala and makes a surprising discovery.
What does an influx of tourism mean for Guatemala's most famous city?
For communities living on the edge of animal territory, nature rules.
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