5 Reasons to Spend Holidays on the Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast, Italy pixabay.com CC0

You don't have to go home for the holidays. Here are 5 reasons you should explore the Amalfi Coast instead. 

Christmas and New Year's is usually a time spent with family and close friends, even for most travellers.This year, however, was the first year I spent Christmas away from my family in the United States because the distance was too great.

Instead, I decided to embark on a spontaneous adventure with a friend through Italy. Being a dual citizen, I thought I had a good grip on my second home. But, as we drove down the coast of Amalfi I realized there was so much more I hadn’t seen.

Arguably, it was one of my favourite holidays because of the secret treasures the Amalfi Coast offers.

Here are five reasons you should visit the Amalfi Coast during the holidays:

1. The balmy weather

Most people come to the Amalfi Coast to sunbathe and drink by the pool in the summer. While it’s not exactly warm enough to break out the bikinis, it is still warm. Temperatures average around 10 to 15 degrees Celsius. A light jacket will do, and the cooler weather will make exploring the steep hilly towns less taxing.

2. Space to breathe

In the summer months, you can barely move around on the windy roads in the Amalfi Coast. Prices rise and the people pack in. In the winter, the town clears out and a peaceful atmosphere settles over the region. It offers the chance to see the real Italy and their holiday traditions. It’s also a relaxing way to spend a normally stressful holiday.

3. Great hiking opportunities

If you ask around, the locals will tell you of some great secret hiking trails that are best done in the cool winter months. The paths are small and windy, but offer some incredible views of the coastline and the town.

4. Witness Italian Christmas traditions

Fireworks are a big part of Italian celebrations. Many families set off their own fireworks over the course of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Being on the coast allows for some incredible views of these celebrations.

5. Prices are low

The Amalfi Coast has a reputation for being one of the more expensive vacation destinations in Italy, but if you go in the winter the prices drop significantly. Your options may also be limited, but it is a much cheaper vacation than in the summer.

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Taylor Smith

Taylor Smith is an Italian American living in Erbil, Iraq. She recently graduated from Emerson College with two degrees in Multimedia Journalism and Political Communication. Currently, she works as a teacher, freelance journalist, and documentarian for local NGOs.

Website: globewatchblog.wordpress.com

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