Contents: Road Schooling Issue

By Verge Magazine


  • Top Destinations for Digital Nomads

    By Jessica Lockhart

    If you’re thinking about taking your job abroad, working remotely is now easier than ever before. Here's what you need to know to open your mobile office—and the top destinations for digital nomads in 2023.

  • Should You Pull Your Kids Out of School to Travel?

    By Kevin Wagar

    When carefully planned, travel with kids can be as educational as any classroom experience. But schools may take a little convincing.

  • 6 Ways to Support Your Kid's Study Abroad Goals

    By Diane Selkirk

    Chances are, at some point your adventurous, independent kid will end up an ocean away from you. Here's how to set them up for success.

  • Gap Year Primer

    By Claudia Laroye

    Any gap year expert or veteran knows, the secret to a successful gap year lies in one thing: Good planning.

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