Features Top Destinations for Digital NomadsMaking the leap to working remotely is easier than ever before. But that doesn’t mean the red tape has disappeared altogether. Here’s what you need to know before opening your mobile office—and the top destinations to set up shop. Should You Pull Your Kids Out of School to Travel?When carefully planned, travel with kids can be as educational as any classroom experience. But schools may take a little convincing. 6 Steps to Supporting Your Kid in Their Quest to Study AbroadIf you’ve raised an adventurous, independent kid, chances are at some point they’ll end up an ocean away from you. Here's how to help set them up for success. Gap Year PrimerAny gap year expert or veteran knows the secret to making the most of this opportunity: good planning.  Departments Q & A with The Last TouristCanadian filmmaker Tyson Sadler set out to explore the impacts of travel on the communities we visit. He hopes to spark difficult conversations about the way we interact with destinations. How to Teach English in MoroccoFind out why demand is high in this up-and-coming destination for TEFL teachers. A Guide to Community Tourism ExperiencesWhat is community tourism? Where can you find community tourism projects? And why are local communities embracing it? Keeping the "Wild" in Wildlife TourismWith wildlife tourism, the distinction between what's ethical and what’s not isn’t always obvious. Here are some guiding principles for your next trip. Running AbroadBeing a runner, imperfect though I may be, has anchored some of my most important travel moments. Read this edition >>  

Features 7 Great Destinations for Sustainable TravelFrom tourism laws protecting the natural environment to policies supporting ethical cultural tourism, these countries are leading the way. Not Just For Kids: Volunteering Abroad for Retirees People with decades of experience bring valuable skills to a volunteer placement. Top Study Abroad Destinations for 2022Sometimes the biggest challenge is deciding where to go. Departments How to be an Amazing Volunteer: Q & A with Susan E. GibsonWith decades of field experience in the international development sector, author Susan E. Gibson knows what it takes to be a great overseas volunteer. International Job Hunting Strategies That Work Advice from recruiters and expats to help you land that job abroad.   Preparing to Apply for a Job AbroadMake your approach to job-hunting location-specific. Tips for Making Study Abroad More AffordableThe perceived cost of studying abroad stops many students in their tracks. Here are 9 ways to avoid breaking the bank. How to Become a Safari GuideLooking for a life change? Try an accredited field-guiding program in one of Africa's biodiversity hotspots. Read this edition >>  

Features Wildlife Volunteers Needed — Now More Than EverNearly two years after the start of the pandemic, many wildlife conservation centres and animal sanctuaries are in dire need of help. Study Abroad Needs to Fix its Diversity GapThe value of studying abroad as part of post-secondary education cannot be overstated, and racialized students have been missing out. But this is starting to change. The Ultimate Guide to Au PairingHow to find work—and thrive—as an au pair abroad. How to Make the Most of a Remote InternshipWith international internships moving online, here’s what you need to know to best benefit from a virtual placement. Departments Social Justice, Colonialism and Reforming VoluntourismTravellers are beginning to recognize privilege; a huge step forward in conversations about voluntourism. A Q&A with author Pippa Biddle. Travelling Home: Diaspora Youth In Search of Their RootsStudy abroad, international work and volunteer programs, help diaspora youth reconnect with their ancestral homes. Surrendering to the SiestaAfter a few weeks of embarrassing sunburns and complete boredom, I began the process of letting go. Read this edition >>  

Features The Future of TravelHas the global pandemic hit the tourism reset button? Industry insiders weigh in on what post-pandemic travel could—or should—look like. Regenerative Travel: A Step Beyond "Do No Harm"Reimagining the idea of travel to one that actively improves the places that people visit. Understanding and Navigating Privilege While TravellingBeing able to travel is a privilege we sometimes take for granted. How can we develop a keener awareness of how we’re perceived abroad? Tackling Uncomfortable Conversations AbroadHow do you navigate sensitive topics respectfully when local attitudes and beliefs are far different from your own?   Departments Family Volunteering From cultural understanding, building empathy and modelling positive behaviour, the benefits of volunteer abroad opportunities for families are many.   Volunteering in Canada's NorthIn the polar bear capital of the world, volunteers get a glimpse of the frontlines of climate change.   How to teach ESL in JapanThe demand for English teachers in Japan is on the rise. Here is how to get started.   Squat ToiletsKeeping spiffy in the trailside biffie—the (literal) lowdown and dirty.     Read this edition >>  
Meet Sahar Ghadhban, who works as a Foreign Service Officer in Canada & Russia Sahar is the third in our upcoming series of profiles in our new Careers for Globetrotters column.  We'll be taking a look into the lives and backgrounds of people who are living their dream of working abroad - and find out the steps they took to get there.Sahar tells about the seven-year path she took from her first internship in Algeria to getting hired as a foreign service officer. Find out why quitting her job at Global Affairs was the best thing she could have done to get her dream job, what she did after she didn’t pass her first post-secondary public service exam, and what it takes to get paid to learn Russian.This special issue is a series of video interviews with Sahar.Read this edition >

Features How to Travel with a Pre-existing ConditionA pre-existing medical condition need not stop you from travelling. Here's what you need to know.   Facing a Serious Medical Diagnosis AbroadReceiving an unwanted health diagnosis is never easy. But what if you're living overseas?   9 Ways to Travel Meaningfully From HomeThe COVID-19 pandemic has us confined to our quarters for the time being. We've come up with a few suggestions for how to keep that travel bug alive and well.   Departments   From the Field Blog: Editors’ ChoiceA round-up of our favourite blog posts over the past couple of months.   5 Classic Reads That Will Transport You Around the World A travel reading list that will help you through a pandemic.   8 Signs Your Volunteer Program is LegitWhat to look for in an organization to ensure that the work you do has a positive impact for everyone involved.   5 Budget-Friendly Locations to Study AbroadDust-off your passport because, believe it or not, study abroad is affordable.   The Ultimate Guide to Packing LightLighten your load with these tips. How to Decrease Your Travel FootprintPlanning your trip for zero-waste travel.   Read this edition >>  

Features Top Jobs for the Outwardly MobileBecoming a digital nomad is quickly becoming one of the easiest ways to work abroad. These careers may be your ticket to becoming location independent. In All FairnessWhen it comes to tipping guides and porters, crunching the numbers may not give you the right answer. Take It and Leave ItJust how much are a couple of used mountain bikes worth in Cuba? More than you could know. Departments Inbound: From the Field: Editors' ChoiceA round-up of Verge editorial staff’s favourite blog posts over the past few weeks. Around the World By Thumb42,000 kilometres later, ultra-hitchhiker Thomas Francine gives his favourite mode of transportation two thumbs up. All in the FamilyHow to make sure the welcome mat stays out at your homestay. Go With Your GutHow could simply sticking to your diet enhance your cultural experience overseas? Spanish Language CentralIf "learn to speak Spanish" is on your to-do list, you'd best add Guatemala to your bucket list. The Hidden Costs of Volunteering on the CheapA budget philanthropist gets more than she bargained for. Healers of Lake BunyonyiA Ugandan traditional healer and a medical doctor are working together to tackle the evil spirit of malnutrition.      Video  Reality Check: Study Abroad in London, EnglandThe biggest challenge of studying abroad in London? There are just too many other things to do!     And more! Read this edition >>

Features In Photos: Beyond Ankor WatIn shoulder-width tunnels four storeys underground, Cambodia's precious stone workers dig for that one gem that will lift them from poverty. Galapagos: Paradise on the BrinkTourist visits to this fragile ecosystem could soon reach more than a quarter of a million per year. Is it possible for your trip-of-a-lifetime to do more good than harm? One Life in a BillionWhen Carly Vandergriendt witnesses an accident in India, she is left wondering what the value of a human life is in a country where people aren't at a premium. Departments Inbound: From the Field: Editors' ChoiceA round-up of Verge editorial staff’s favourite blog posts over the past few weeks.   Packing for a PurposeAnother great reason to pack light.   Great Excavations: Volunteering on Archaeological Sites WorldwideIf you have a penchant for the past and don’t mind a bit of dirt under your nails, diggers are in demand.   The Beat of MaliIn the Sahel desert, music is the voice of its people.   Write of Passage: Working as a journalist in ThailandArmed with a journalism degree, Mai Nguyen thought she was prepared for her internship in Thailand. But a run-in with police taught her there’s a whole new set of rules here.   The House That Friends BuiltSolidarity, social justice and affordable digs in Mexico's largest city.   The Wecome Sound of Silence: Temple Stays in South KoreaGet some respite from Seoul's fast pace through a South Korea temple stay.   The Bakiga BridesmaidTrina Moyles had been a bridesmaid before—but never in a wedding like this.   And more! Read this edition >>

Features Why international non-profits want you to volunteerNew research sheds light on the reasons organizations take on international volunteers Bringing medicine to the Panamanian jungle, via boat A three-day river journey to a remote community in Panama's jungle is all part of the job for Floating Doctors volunteers. Moving mountains in NepalFaced with insurmountable poverty, there's little that many Nepalis can do to elevate themselves. Against the odds, Vishu Sijali is trying to change that. Video Careers for globetrotters: Freediving instructorThe first in our new series of videos exploring international careers, and ways to make a living from your passion.  Meet Mark Rogers, who runs the only freediving operation in the Caribbean. Departments Workwhere: Get a career edge via travelBe strategic about your international experience and stand out from the crowd. Voluntravelller: How to be a star volunteerAn element of uncertainty accompanies any international experience. Here are five tips to help you get and give the most as an international volunteer. Worldwise: The business of butterfliesHow the Zanzibar Butterfly Centre is empowering rural farmers to build their own businesses. And more!  Read this edition >>

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