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Rejigging Expectations for a Move Abroad

Amanda Belcourt

How did I end up in a small fishing village in Cornwall?

In March, I had set out to move to the UK by the end of the summer. The dream was to further pursue my career in event coordination in lively London. It was such an exciting and inspiring thought I kept repeating in my head, maybe to have it manifest before me.

So how did I end up in a small fishing village in Cornwall? Who knows, but it’s these unexpected turns in life that end up being the best adventures.

I had never even heard of this part of England before arriving here to live. It was such a pleasant surprise to arrive and find out I was living seaside, with daily misting by the ocean and magical landscapes around every corner. Best of all, there are part of living in Cornwall that I fall more in love with every day.

The scenery

The beautiful and menacing cliffs that dare you to explore. The rolling green pastures with sheep and cows grazing peacefully. The hazy blue ocean that is never far from sight.

I’ve got to explore a few villages and coves thus far and each one is just as individually spectacular as the next. I have also come to learn about the Coast Path which wraps around the entire southern tip of England along the shore. People come from far and wide to do either a portion of the hike or the entire eight-week journey. It is a new goal of mine to do at least a week of it by myself before leaving.

Village living

Every cottage is just so darn cute. The quintessential English country charm enchants me. Rather than a house number, each home is referred to as a name. (My house is called Twizzle Twig; how adorable!)

I am a city girl slowly learning to enjoy town life. Being able to bump in to locals at the grocery store, waving at everyone as you pass them in the car. Also the roads are these small hedged trails that can barely fit two vehicles which leaves you to sometimes have to reverse until the road becomes big enough to pass. It’s lovely to become acquainted with the kindness a village has to offer. 

Food, cider and gin

There are food joints ranging from dim pubs with great fare, to high-end restaurants that take weeks to get a reservation. We’ll see if my budget stretches to the latter, but for the time being I have thoroughly enjoyed trying the local dishes, mainly seafood. (My favourite has to be the fish pie.)

And what would a meal be without the accompaniment of a great drink? The craft liquor industry is booming with locally made ciders like rattlers. I am in love with the flavoured gins as well, including elderflower pink grapefruit and raspberry rhubarb.

After counting my blessings here I almost don’t have any desire to move to London at all. Funny how that happens. Not to mention it really is as expensive and unforgiving as its reputation declares it to be.

However, what I take away from the experience to date is that whether you have a plan or not you just have to make the leap and all will fall in place as it should. If you are at all thinking about moving abroad, it will take you places you can’t imagine.

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Amanda Belcourt

Amanda Belcourt is a Canadian with big hair and big dreams of living abroad. Now situated in the UK, she plans on documenting her experience to hopefully inspire others to travel as well.

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