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Four Spots to See Taipei at Night

Night view of Taipei from Jiannan Mountain.


The best vantage points to see the city from a new angle.

Taiwanese nightmarkets light up the evening with their colourful signs. Multiple nightmarkets and buildings added up make the night view of Taipei a spectacularly shiny one. I have four spots to share to see the best night view of the city:

Taipei 101
The tallest building in the city, the Taipei 101, is the obvious choice for all tourists to see the night view. On a clear day it offers an almost aerial view of the city, especially downtown Taipei. However, despite its height, I don’t find the night view from Taipei 101 to be the best because you can’t see the Taipei 101 when you’re inside the building! The building itself is a main attraction to look at in the evening which means you need to step outside of the Taipei 101.

Miramar Ferris Wheel
Miramar Entertainment Park is a place that you can easily spend half a day with its multi-level shopping centre, movie theatre and restaurants. At the top of the mall is a big Ferris wheel that takes 17 minutes to complete one rotation and offers a night view of Taipei. From there, you can see the Taipei 101 and listen to music playing from the live bands below. The Ferris wheel itself glows brightly at night, so it much like the Taipei 101 is an evening attraction.

Jiannan Mountain
Not someplace typically marketed to tourists, this location was made famous by a popular Taiwanese drama. It offers the most beautiful view of Taipei at no cost (unlike the previous two options) and includes views of the Ferris Wheel and Taipei 101.

However, getting there is a bit tricky. You can opt to take a taxi but the best way is to ask a local friend to give you a motorbike ride because the road gets narrow at the end. The route there is to drive up Jiannan Mountain via Bei An Road. (I suggest going up once in the daytime first to avoid getting lost at night because there are very little to no street lights on the mountain road.)

New Taipei City Hall
An extra option for a night view of New Taipei City (different from Taipei City!) that is free is at the New Taipei City Hall. Take the metro to Banqiao station and follow the clear signs that will direct you to the city hall. After entering the building, take the elevator to the 32nd floor observatory deck and you’re there! The observatory deck is not very high but this place is lesser known so it isn’t crowded like other tourist areas and a good place to wind down at the end of a fun day in the city.

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Vivien Lee

Vivien Lee is a student at the University of British Columbia, active leader at AIESEC UBC and an enthusiastic traveller. From the icebergs of Alaska to the sands of the Caribbean, each experience has shaped her world view. Vivien’s next adventure awaits in Taiwan as she pursues an AIESEC internship. Follow her journey at TheVivienAve.blogspot.ca.

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