Searching for Volunteer Opportunities in India

Crystal and Baba Chetanayagiri, a Sadhu, at Orchha Fort.

After two weeks in India, Crystal is ready to make a difference.

I've been in India for about two months now. I'm learning so much about culture, language, society and even love. I visited the local Fort Jhansi again. It's old and it's not a place to go if you want to have fun, but looking out at the entire city makes me feel so. . .peaceful.

As days go by, I'm constantly planning my next move. There's always adventure to be had when exploring India. A few weeks ago, I visited Orchha, a holy place near my home city. I prayed at the temples, walked the streets, met other travellers, toured the Orchha fort, met a Sadhu and spent some time near the river. I was in the company of some great friends the whole time. The entire experience brought me an overwhelming sense of peace and belonging.

Last week I also attended a wedding in Nagpur. Between the events, I had the chance to explore the city. I got to see a couple of really beautiful lakes and parks, as well as a sacred Buddhist monument, the Deeksha Bhoomi. I tried Indian street food for the first time and I loved it! We had something called bhelpuri, which was delicious.
Witnessing the wedding itself was beautiful, as it was a traditional Marathi wedding.

My next move is Delhi, and I'll be leaving in a day or so. I plan to stay in a hostel or find a "paid guest" living arrangement. My business partner and good friend from Delhi is searching for a place for me to stay before I arrive. Most likely, I will be in an all-girls hostel with my own separate room. I’ll have access to a kitchen, so I'll be able to cook—finally!

Another good thing about being in Delhi is searching all of the local volunteer opportunities there. I've finally found a few that I'm ready to investigate.

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Crystal Collins

When she knew she had a greater purpose, Crystal decided to upgrade her unfulfilling life by following her dreams and moving to India. Crystal spends time travelling, plotting to save the world and sharing her adventures through writing.


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