International Labour Organization (ILO): Internship Programme

Internships with the ILO provide an opportunity for selected undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students who are pursuing a course of study or work in fields related to the ILO's mandate and activities to: (a) increase their understanding of relevant issues at the international level by involving them directly in the work of the Office and the application of ILO principles, programmes and strategies; (b) gain practical work experience related to their academic background or future work in the field related to ILO's mission. There are two major fields for internship at the ILO: 1. Professional: Students undertaking advanced studies in a technical field of interest to the ILO are eligible to apply. Fields include social security, labour economics, labour statistics, labour law, condition of work, women and gender issues, etc. 2. Secretarial: Students in specialized secondary schools or in secretarial schools are eligible to apply for secretarial internship. Language qualifications are important (English and French). Interns gain an understanding of how the ILO operates and enhance their educational experience by working under the supervision of a senior staff member. The backgrounds of interns are matched with the needs of the Office. Interns provide the Office with the assistance of young talent for a limited period and offer the most recent thinking and research experience in their area of academic study.

Listing Details

Organization Name
International Labour Organization (ILO)
Organization Mandate
The International Labour Organization (ILO) is the tripartite UN agency that brings together governments, employers and workers of its member states in common action to promote decent work throughout the world.
4 route des Morillons, Geneva, Switzerland, 22
Address 2
(41) (0) 22 799 6111
Non-profit organization?
1-3 months, 3-6 months
Age (max)
Price range
Application process and requirements
Applicants should have completed graduate and/or postgraduate studies or be in the final year of undergraduate studies. They should hold degrees in disciplines considered relevant to the ILO's work, e.g. international law, economics, industrial relations, political science, and the social sciences. Applicants should be able to adapt to an international, multicultural, multilingual environment; have good communication skills; the ability to work fairly independently or as part of a team; have initiative and flexibility. The selection of candidates for internships is completely decentralized to individual departments. The ILO does not have specific vacancies for interns. There is no list of internship vacancies. Internships are awarded by individual departments based on their needs and whether or not a candidate's profile meets those needs. Candidates are therefore advised to consult the ILO's web site to familiarize themselves with the work of the various sectors and departments and to submit a CV and covering letter directly to those departments which interest them most. Should there be a need for an intern in that department, the candidate will be contacted directly. For an internship in an ILO field office, please send your applications directly to the relevant office.
English, French, Spanish
Applicants should have a working (both oral and written) knowledge of at least one of the ILO's official languages (English~ French or Spanish).
Funding information
These positions are unpaid.
Student status required?
Qualifications required
Undergraduate Degree


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