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How to take your medical career out of the hospital and on to the high seas.

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Once, practically any native English-speaking Caucasian could land a job teaching English abroad. These days, that's just not good enough.

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Born into war in Lebanon, Doctors Without Borders veteran Richard Zereik knows what it means to be a refugee.

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Careful review of your contract can prevent unnecessary surprises at your new job overseas.
Working and living abroad without a hitch takes work—paperwork, that is. Wade through the red tape like a seasoned expat.

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Before you sign your name on the dotted line, ask a few better-safe-than-sorry questions.

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Keep your hands on the straight-and-narrow and your feet out of your mouth.  
How to teach English as a Second Language in the Middle East.

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A comedy of errors teaches Canadian journalists about dedication.

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Take the guess-work out of finding the right overseas teaching position with a good recruiting agency.
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