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Welcome to the new Verge Online!

By  April 4, 2014

We've got a whole new look and a few great new features as well.

If you haven’t visited the Verge website for a week or so you’re probably wondering if you’re in the right place. Yes, you are, but we’ve completely updated the Verge site.

The look is quite different and we spent a lot of time tweaking to make sure it’s easy on the eyes, but browse through it and you’ll discover all the same great Verge articles, tips, expert advice and evocative photo galleries. We’ve simplified the navigation to make things easier to find and we’ve added a few nice extras too.

For example, if you’re reading this on your desktop or laptop computer at the moment and would prefer instead to read it in the living room, or a café or at the airport, on your tablet or your smart phone – no problem! Try it - you’ll see that the new Verge site will stretch or compress to fit virtually any device you care to use. No more toggling between the desktop and the mobile version! Whether you’re at home or on the road, you can read Verge any way you want to.

One of my favourite features that we’ve added to the new site allows you to grab any of the hundreds of articles from the Verge archives, and add it to your own personal reading list. Once you’re logged in to the Verge site, just scroll down to the bottom of any article that you want to save and click the “add to your reading list” link.

Then, open your reading list and you can sort your saves by category, read your articles right from inside your reading list and share them with friends. We think it’s a terrific tool for planning your next adventure and we hope you will too!

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Jeff Minthorn

Publisher, Editor-in-Chief

A co-founder of Verge Magazine and the Go Global Expo, Jeff is a well-known voice in the area of international working, studying and volunteering and was writing about gap years before the term even appeared the Canadian Oxford Dictionary. Having worked, studied and travelled on six continents, Jeff is passionate about the important role international experience plays in developing responsible, caring global citizens. He has spoken to audiences across Canada and the United States on subjects ranging from how to plan an international volunteer experience, to developing effective media skills and literacy.
Jeff holds two degrees from the University of Waterloo. Before co-founding Verge, he spent 10 years in the field of experiential education, including several years training experiential educators. Through Verge and the Go Global Expos, Jeff has been helping to connect international organizations and global citizens for nearly two decades.

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