Finding a New Home in Hong Kong

Written by  March 25, 2013

I never imagined I’d be living in one of the largest financial hubs of the world.

Even after having lived here for almost six months already, some days still feel like a dream. Hong Kong really is like the New York of Asia. It’s a concrete jungle but with so much life and such individual character.

I had many doubts before coming to Hong Kong because the entire experience fell together very quickly for me. Not only that, but it meant I would be living on the other side of the world in what felt like a new and strange place. It wouldn’t be my first time living abroad since I had done an exchange in Chile as a student but it still presented new challenges.
How was I going to fit in? How was I going to communicate with people?

Well, with my red hair and pale skin, I have had no trouble in standing out but it’s been rather nice as I’m easier to spot in a crowd. Initially the stares I would receive bothered me as I felt like I constantly had something on my face or in my teeth. But I’ve grown accustomed to the attention and now take it as flattery. While in general I’ve had no problems in communicating with locals as most people speak fairly good English, there have been some moments where body language really comes in handy.

When I first arrived the amount of people in the streets, the noises and the crowds overwhelmed me.  Coming from a fairly small town in Canada my new environment felt like a new world for me. Hong Kong isn’t a very big city—it’s a tall one. Once I settled in however and experienced the liveliness and busyness of the city for myself, I knew I had found myself a new home. I am a firm believer that things happen for a reason and I honestly do believe I am exactly where I should be.

I’ve only got a few months left and I’m not yet ready to leave. There are still many adventures to be had.

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Monica Hrubcin

Monica Hrubcin is an international business graduate from Carleton University. She is currently on an AIESEC internship working as a Teaching and Projects Assistant at a university. Not a stranger to travel, she is pushing her boundaries further and remains eager to explore new lands.

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