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Starting an Internship in Brussels

Polina with a client at a pavilion that featured 8000 companies from around the world gathered under one roof to import and export products and ultimately grow their economies.

Polina explains why she decided to start her international career in Belgium.

This world of ours is enriched with so many varieties of people, cultures, societies, traditions and more. For me, the allure of traveling is the unique perspective it gives on all these factors.

Something I find that what is much more rewarding than just seeing another country and its communities in person is to actually engage within it. This is why I joined AIESEC, the largest student organization in the world that helps students find internships abroad. It gave me the prospective to one day travel and contribute to communities’ abroad, ultimately giving me the chance to make a positive global impact.

Now, after a rigorous interviewing process, I am thrilled to embark on a year-long journey in Brussels, Belgium as I was accepted for a position in Marketing and Sales with the International Taste and Quality Institute, a private company that has prestigious chefs taste consumer food and drink products and then awards them on their taste.

After preparing documents and packing all the necessities, including an abundance of maple syrup bottles, after a long flight and a few stops here and there, I finally made it to Brussels. Greeted by the stereotypical Belgium rainfall and a galore of Belgium chocolates, I feel welcomed and am ready to become a resident of the European Union for a year.

Unfortunately, the process is taking a little bit longer than expected. It’s sent me through each corner of Brussels communities, the good and the bad. It has moved me from apartment to apartment four times, it has thrust me into learning experiences that have taught me valuable lessons, and most importantly, it has left me with memorable friends who have helped me along the way.

The things we do, the stories we write and the people we actively create stories that end up influencing the trajectory of where we are going. In fact, I don’t know where I am going, but I am definitely on my way. This story will be about making mistakes, taking decisions, traveling, discovering and contributing. I am thrilled about the opportunity.

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Polina Gamayunova

Polina Gamayunova is a recent University graduate, but isn't done learning. She likes to know things and love exploring. She is living in Brussels, Belgium for a year as a marketing consultant through an AIESEC placement.

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