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Travel Like You've Never Travelled Before

By  Ingle International - Sponsor Content July 29, 2016

Three intrepid travellers share their best tips for losing the jitters and seizing the opportunities.

Making lifetime friends by studying abroad

Stephanie Hiltz, Account Manager at Ingle International had wanderlust from the start.  Her inspiration to travel was nurtured when her older brother moved to England after he graduated from university. When Stephanie embarked on her own post-secondary adventure, she took advantage of an international exchange program in Melbourne, Australia. After graduating, she followed her brother’s footsteps and worked in London, England for a time, then moving to Seoul Korea to teach English.

Stephanie’s main take-away from her international experiences, in both study and work settings, are the deep friendships forged along the way. Near and far, her friendships continue to play a large part in her Canadian-based social life.

Stephanie's top travel tips? Pack light; expect the unexpected.

Sometimes, no matter how well you prepare and organize, things won't go as to planned. Try adopting a "go with the flow" attitude well before you reach your destination. Whether you're travelling for work, study or play, it's a valuable lesson that will serve you well!

Watch her video interview here!

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Opening up your mind and heart by living abroad

Monica Aguirre firmly believes that an international educational experience will serve to cultivate your mind and open your heart. By no means is this an exaggeration. After four exchanges under her belt, from Colombia to Germany, the United States, and Canada (starting at the age of sixteen no less), Monica’s opinion is one you can trust.

With itchy feet and a desire to learn in the thick of it, Monica’s introduction to international education began with a leap from Colombia to Germany. She leapt at the opportunity to finesse her language skills and discovered that her host city was the perfect place to earn a degree in history and political science. Throughout the years, Monica has spoken the many languages of her host countries. Further, she gained a worldly communication style that fostered warm connections with almost everyone she came in contact with. Especially the like-minded with maps!  She reflects on this experience as one of opening her heart.

Contemplating for your first study abroad program? Here are Monica's top tips:

 1.    Plan one year ahead. This will give you ample time to complete the necessary research, obtain references, and take care of any housekeeping required.
 2.    If you have the option to stay for a full year, take it. You do not want to leave just as you are getting started.

Watch her video interview here!

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Living your dream by going on an adventure trip

If you're an athlete with dreams of competing abroad, your dreams are not as far away as they might seem. After sixteen months travelling through Thailand, Australia, Malaysia, Dubai and England competing (and winning!) in the sport of Thai boxing, Tony Manoharan can confidently say that he bought the right ticket.

Tony's favourite moments were interacting with fellow boxers during training, befriending the competition and just making connections with regular people he bumped into in the street. He cherishes the lifelong friendships he made.

Tony's top recommendations for navigating your way through unknown places include becoming fluent in broken English, mastering make-shift sign language and simply, smiling.  “All of these things can take you a long way,” he says. What do you have to lose?

Watch his video interview here!

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