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Best of "Friday Favourites" Travel Blogs

By  February 15, 2013

The top blogs that Verge featured in 2012.

Although we regularly feature website reviews in our print publication, with the growth the travel blogging community, we realized that choosing our favourites every couple of months simply wasn't enough. That's why we launched "Friday Favourites" on the Verge Magazine Facebook fanpage—a weekly highlight of the top travel blogs out there.

In case you missed it, here are some of the best travel blogs we featured throughout 2012:

Family Travel

Family on Bikes
Who: Mom Nancy, Dad John and twins Daryl and Davy biked from Alaska to Argentina as a family in 2008. Their site is the definitive how-to guide for long-distance cross-cultural bike trips as a family—not to mention “road schooling.”
Where: Currently back at home, but the journal of their cross-continental adventure is timeless.

The Mother of All Trips: Bring the world to your kids—and your kids to the world.
Who: The mother of two boys under the age of 10, Mara says she travels with her kids because “it prepares them to be global citizens and perhaps one day to work to shape the world to be a better one.”
Where: Currently in the US, the family recently travelled to Jamestown, Virginia—but has trekked all over the world with their brood.

Other family travel blogs worth checking out:

All Over the Map: Experiential Family Travel

Solo Female Travellers

Candice Does the World
Who: Candice is one of the heavy-hitters of the travel blogging community. She’s been nominated for (and won) a number of travel blogging awards and is an editor for the Matador Network.
Where: Based out of St. John’s, Newfoundland, Candice is regularly on the move—both across Canada and across the pond.

Never-Ending Footsteps: Traveling the World, One Step At A Time
Who: Lauren, a British twenty-something, quit her job with the intention of spending one year travelling around the world. That was over a year and a half ago and she’s still on the move.
Where: Currently in Cambodia, Lauren’s working her way through Southeast Asia.

Other solo female bloggers worth checking out:

The Blonde Abroad: Hopelessly in Love with the World

Katie Going Global: Wandering Along a Road Less Traveled

Unbrave Girl

Oh, Canada!

I Backpack Canada: True North, Strong & Awesome
Who: For three years, Corbin has been travelling coast-to-coast. His blog is all Canada, all the time, with a healthly helping of poutine.
Where: He currently appears to be in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  

Other Canadian travel blogs worth checking out:

Toque and Canoe: Celebrating “real” Canadian travel culture.

Travellers in Love

Over Yonderlust: The Tattooed Adventure Travel Couple
Who: Shaun and Erica from Austin, Texas, high school sweethearts that married eight years ago and have been travelling together since.
Where: Currently in their hometown, Erica and Shaun will be on the move in the new year, including to Berlin, Toronto and possible Guatemala.

Hecktic Travels: No Plans. No Possessions. Just travel.
Who: Dalene and Peter Heck, a Canadian couple who are expert house-sitters.
Where: Currently in Finland, their 32 country together.

Other travel bloggers in love:

Captain & Clark: The Modern Cartographers

Married With Luggage

GQ Trippin: See. Eat. Trip.

D Travels ‘Round: Life is not about living happily ever after, it’s about living.

Jack and Jill Travel the World

Other Amazing (But Non-Categorizable) Travel Blogs

Food International: 100,000 Miles, 100 Meals, 1 Year

TravelinWheels: Encouraging Disability Travel Around the World

Adventures with Ben: Do Extraordinary Things

Defining Moves: The Art of Successful Relocation

Wicked and Weird Around the World: A Global Adventure of Freaky Festivals, Crazy Competitions and Wonderfully Wild People

Johnny Vagabond: Around the World, Low and Slow

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Jessica Lockhart

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Although Jessica has travelled to more than 30 countries, her favorite place to throw down her bag is still her hometown of Cold Lake, Alberta. A freelance journalist, Jess has worked for international development organizations and tour operators. She’s conducted workshops in Vanuatu, perfected the use of a satellite phone in the jungles of Guyana and supervised teenage pool parties in the Dominican Republic. Although she's based in Toronto, Jess works remotely from all around the world.

Website: www.jesslockhart.com

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