Studying Abroad Boosts Creativity

Voluntourism grows in popularity and 101 ways study abroad "hacks": the latest news in work, study and volunteer abroad.

Volunteer Abroad News

• We’re not surprised to learn that voluntourism is growing rapidly in popularity. (Our own 2011 State of the Nation article on international volunteerism found similar evidence.)A new survey demonstrates that increasingly, traditional tour operators are beginning to add volunteer excursions to their menu of vacation choices.

• It may not be "news," but Gadling published a must-read refresher on the dos and donts of volunteering overseas this week. And if you’re looking for more information about how to meet the needs of local NGOs, be sure to check out this blog post, which offers advice from the perspective of an international volunteer coordinator.

Work Abroad News

• The competition between Hong Kong and Singapore to attract expats is heating up.

• In New Zealand, the government is taking steps to attract international students, to create work abroad opportunities and to support international volunteerism—the latter to the tune of NZ$24 million.

• The percentage of long-term expats is increasing, resulting in changing the way employers are approaching benefits packages.

Study Abroad News

• 53% of campuses are reporting an increase in students studying abroad. So how are students funding their travels? Here are some great ways to get started.

• If you didn’t already have enough reason to study abroad, guess what—recent research demonstrates that it also boosts creativity. (Maybe that seems like an obvious connection, but it’s nice to have the science to back it up!)

• Russia’s students will soon be able to begin applying for state-funded education in foreign universities.

• In China, study abroad is no longer just reserved for postgraduates, as an increasing number of undergraduates and high school students are headed overseas, including an increasing number of Shaolin monks.

A new report commissioned by the Canadian government prompts Ottawa to double the number of international students studying in Canada to 450,000 by 2022.

Required Reading

• German student Gretel Rieber-Wicke studied abroad in the United States. No big deal, right? Sure, except it was 1952. Her story is shared on the Columbian.

• We also love this article on 101 ways to make the most of your study abroad experience.

Contests and Opportunities

• What’s better than winning a trip to anywhere in the world? Winning a mystery trip to somewhere in the world! This travel photo competition is worth checking out. (And while you’re at it, check out some of the amazing entries that we received in the Verge 2012 Photo Challenge.)

• If you’d much rather know exactly where you’re going, then Triptrotting’s video contest might be more up your alley—enter to win a trip LA.

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Jessica Lockhart

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Although Jessica has travelled to more than 30 countries, her favorite place to throw down her bag is still her hometown of Cold Lake, Alberta. A freelance journalist, Jess has worked for international development organizations and tour operators. She’s conducted workshops in Vanuatu, perfected the use of a satellite phone in the jungles of Guyana and supervised teenage pool parties in the Dominican Republic. Although she's based in Toronto, Jess works remotely from all around the world.


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