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Studying Abroad Without Breaking the Bank

Ring of Kerry, Ireland Ahnika White

Seven places you can save money. 

Receiving an education is never a cheap endeavour, and those endless budgets you tirelessly obsess over quickly become your closest ally and most-hated enemy. Unfortunately, outside of scholarships, there isn’t much that can be done about tuition rates. However, during my time abroad, I've found a number of places where I can reduce the flow of cash out of my bank account.

Grocery Shopping

If there is an Aldi (a German discount supermarket with locations throughout Europe and Australia) nearby then I highly suggest frequenting it for all your grocery needs. My weekly grocery trips, even with a few splurges, rarely end over Є25. Between the already-low prices, and their weekly Super 6 deals for both veg and fruit and meat (reduced prices on six meats and six fruits and vegetables), feeding yourself during your time abroad won’t break the bank.

Eating Out

Speaking of feeding yourself, a big part of the entire abroad experience is the local culture and cuisine. While making beef and Guinness stew in my own kitchen is possible, I don’t have a live session playing and a perfectly poured Guinness to go with it. That said, my advice is to look for student discounts on the menu—I have yet to come across a pub that doesn’t offer them.

Doctor Visits

Always stop by your campus physician first and foremost to inquire about their capabilities and possible treatment plans. Their rates will be much less than the doctor in town.


In my experience, there really isn’t anything that’s too far when it’s within the city limits, and when the bus costs over Є2 to go one-way that quickly adds up week-by-week. A bike is worth the investment, and walking is beneficial to your health anyway.

School Books

The Book Depository offers free worldwide shipping and discounted prices on new books. The books are significantly cheaper than those at my campus bookstore. However, my biggest tip is to order off this website as soon as you know your required reading material, because it does take a good two to three weeks for delivery.

Budget Apps

Trail Wallet is the app I used in my post-graduation backpacking trip and now currently in graduate school. It’s free up to 25 uses, but is inexpensive and wildly worth the purchase.


Local cheap Irish airlines like WOW air and Ryanair have sales and specials semi-regularly, so it wouldn’t hurt to be on their notification list. Touching back on student discounts, there are so many touring companies that offer reduced student rates. For Ireland, Paddy Wagon Tours offers a couple of different student specials.

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Ahnika White

Ahnika White is an aspiring travel writer from the midwestern United States living in Ireland, where she's pursuing her goal of earning a master's degree in English Literature at the University of Limerick.

Website: www.mywanderouslife.com

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