Careers for Globetrotters: 100 Trailblazers

For nearly 15 years, Verge Magazine has established itself as North America’s premier magazine for exploring opportunities to study, work and volunteer abroad. Since we've been publishing, the core values of our work have never changed. We believe that traveling with purpose is a great thing to do—and the best way to get to know the world. Several years ago we began producing Canada’s largest work, study, volunteer and travel expo, the Go Global Expo which is now being held annually in several cities across North America.

Through these projects we have had the opportunity to talk to literally thousands of people, all of them united by an interest to escape the ordinary, see the world and make their mark. What we learned from these conversations is that sometimes all someone needs to take the first step towards a life abroad is real-world information and a little bit of inspiration.

So we sat down and brainstormed ideas on how we could do this. What we came up with is the Verge Magazine Global 100 Trailblazers.

We've been quietly preparing this project for close to a year now. We've put together a team, all of whom have extensive experience living and working abroad, and put them to work. We've reached out to our contacts, scoured social media, tapped in to expatriate networks and international career resources. We've tried to think about all the information and inspiration required to help people to build an international career.

What we set out to accomplish a year ago is now happening. We've compiled a list of amazing people working and living in amazing places around the world who we think will really inspire and inform our audience.

The people on this list do many different things- some are entrepreneurs while others work for big companies, some are in the field in exotic corners of the globe while others have job profiles that are very similar to ones they would have at home. They come from different backgrounds and different places but, in truth, what interests us, and hopefully you, is what binds them together.

What every person on this list has in common is that they all packed up their education, their skills and their ideas and had the courage to take them abroad.

Over the next year we're sending a correspondent around the world to find them. We're going to talk to people on the ground and hear their stories and experiences. We're going to talk the people who hire them. We're going to talk to industry experts, human resources managers and just about anyone we can find who has answers to questions about jump-starting an international career. We'll look at the places they live and break down misconceptions that most people have about living and working abroad.

The people who make up the Verge Magazine Global 100 will be profiled in the magazine in an ongoing special section. We're going to tell these stories across every platform we can find. We'll shoot films, take photos, and write profiles, and, as you'll see in the coming months, we're going to be taking our audience along with us on the journey.

We're hoping that you will find them as interesting as we do.

Project contacts
Jeff Minthorn, Editor-in-chief: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tannis Hett: Publisher - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
James Stairs: Videojournalist - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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