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Camaro West

Camaro West

Born on the island of St. Kitts and raised in the suburbs of Toronto, Camaro West is a self-described traveller, sometimes documentary filmmaker, published author and dreamer with a Masters in International Development. She is currently on a seven-month internship in Ghana, where she is working as a Gender Advisor with the Ghana YMCA and Youth Challenge International through CIDA’s International Youth Internship Program.

November 16, 2012

ABCs of Accra

Camaro shares the elementary school basics of life in Ghana.
Living abroad can mean making lots of mistakes. Here are three things that Camaro did right.
How to hit the ground running in a developing country.
A play-by-play of an overseas intern's schedule.
Blogger Camaro reflects on retail therapy, Ghana-style.
Ghana: Where nothing goes as planned and everything works out beautifully anyway.
Sometimes navigating foreign medical clinics can cause more pain than the initial illness.
An intern reflects on the advantages—and disadvantages—of people mistakenly believing that she's Ghanaian. 


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