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Are You Living Abroad Like the Locals, or Displacing Them?
In cities around the world, exploding tourism and expat cash are driving prices up, and locals out.

Ayahuasca Tourism: Shamans, Charlatans and Thousand-dollar Retreats
Whether it's a quest for self-awareness, a cure for mental maladies or just the next big high, travellers are turning a traditional Amazonian healing ceremony into a multi-million dollar industry.

Why Social Entrepreneurship is Thriving in Siem Reap
Cambodia's tourism boom is helping it rebuild. A growing group of locals and expats are making sure it's done responsibly.

Computer Training in Rural Nepal
A small team of adventurers brings computer labs to remote Himalayan villages.



From the Field Blog: Editors’ Choice
A round-up of Verge editorial staff’s favourite blog posts over the past few months: Ditching home-ownership for a life of travel; trading a soul-sucking job at home for work abroad; study abroad lessons that aren't strictly academic and how living in another country may shift your long-held sense of work-life balance.

International Work in Tourism and Hospitality

The tourism and hospitality industry is immense, with career opportunities around the world.

International Conference Travel
For academics, scholars and researchers, travelling to international conferences means sharing ideas, accessing new resources and expertise and, of course, eating free pastries.

Safe Couchsurfing
For travellers on a tight budget or anyone looking for a truly immersive experience, the utility of couchsurfing is obvious. But is it safe for solo female travellers? The answer might surprise you.

5 Ways to be a Great Couchsurfer
Appreciation, thoughtfulness and willingness to pitch in go a long way.

Pandas Are Not Cute
And other Beijing revelations.


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