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Living in South Korea as an English teacher for 18 months, I became well aware of the strict etiquette in existence in South Korean society since the days of Confucianism.
One of the first questions I would receive, no matter where I was in Tamilnadu, was if I could speak any Tamil. My reply was always good for a laugh. I’d start with the three words I knew well – vannakkam (hello), nandri (thank you), aamaa (yes) – and whomever I was talking to would let out a chuckle. These were the words any tourist knew, and even though I’d been in the southern Indian state for a nearly month, I hadn’t managed to pick up much more.
When considering a year off from the 9-5 grind, don’t think of it as sabotaging your career for a travel break. There are lots of reasons why taking time off to travel can actually help your career, not hinder it.
The age-old adage 'find out for yourself'' is utterly obligatory.
Studying abroad opens doors to new cultures, new experiences, and lifelong friends.
It takes time - and humiliation sometimes - to learn traditions.
Some ideas for finding your place in your new family abroad. 
A leisurely pace affords the most adventurous kind of travel.  Some ideas for getting into the mindset.
When I travel, I'm always in search of something special to take back with me and remind me of my adventures abroad.
When I set off for Central America on my own at the age of 18 with grand ideas about "helping out" in the developing world, I had no idea what I was in for.
Consider the concept of "getting lost." Should we really tremble at the thought?
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