Writing contest shortlist

A stranger on a bus proves that the simplest gifts can be the most meaningful.
This tells the story of the crowded, slow, inefficient trains in South Africa, which low income people ride each day, sharing stories, laughter, friendship and a joy for life in one of the most unexpected of places.
A narrative account of a particular child who simultaneously made me feel ineffectual and hopeful that I met while traveling and volunteering in the small eastern town of Hohoe, Ghana. 
My Canadian accent made a street full of Rwandans think I was crazy. It's the fleeting travel encounters that are unforgettable.
A chance encounter that I experienced when I visited Europe as a chaperone on a school trip during spring break (I am a high school teacher in Montreal, Quebec). 
I'm frequently asked why I keep an old Egyptian Pound encased in an acrylic brick frame on my desk. It is my most prized possession, a reminder to look upon strangers as precious family members I have not met, and a potent symbol of what traveling can teach us.
A Canadian woman discovers a new world inside Shanghai when she buys herself a cheap bicycle.
A development mission to El Salvador shatters previously held notions of traveling and the west's relationship to the developing world.
This is a true story of how two young street children in Lhasa, Tibet, changed my life. They taught me how to turn anger into compassion.
A story of gazing into the eyes of a child and awakening to the stark reality that the premise  "every human life is equal" is a cruel illusion.
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