Enter the Animal Kingdom of Naankuse

By  Naankuse Foundation October 7, 2019

Experience animal care, rehabilitation, wildlife veterinary action, rhino tracking, African wild dog, carnivore-conflict, spotted hyena and elephant research, and upliftment of the San Bushmen.

Volunteering at the Naankuse Foundation puts you right at the pulse of conservation in Namibia, Africa. We are dedicated to the preservation of Namibia’s landscapes, wildlife and cultures, our vision being an Africa where humans and wildlife can live and thrive together.

Carnivore conflict mitigation lies at the heart of our conservation research, giving volunteers the unique opportunity to witness our big cat work with local landowners. Join our research team on conflict calls and you may be lucky enough to participate in fitting a leopard with a GPS collar; join our rehabilitated chacma baboon troops amidst the beauty of the Naankuse Reserve and let their primate playfulness enchant you; feed our carnivores and sanctuary residents, simultaneously learning all about animal nutrition; create stimulating animal enrichment items under the expert eyes of our wildlife coordinators; learn animal husbandry techniques; track rhinos; horse-ride into the midst of giraffe; and once here, why not visit our research sites Namibia-wide? We can take you there, hassle-free: 

• Neuras, where the focus is on black-backed jackal and mountain zebra research.

• Kanaan, in the heart of the desert, where spotted hyena research keeps our biologists buzzing.

• Mangetti, where we strive to end the conflict between man and the magnificent Mangetti wildlife – elephants and the critically endangered African wild dog. 

And if humanitarian projects lie close to your heart, we have just the thing for you:

• Our Clever Cubs School providing free education to San Bushman children

• Our Lifeline Clinic treating 4,500 San patients annually


Visit the Naankuse Foundation website and JOIN TODAY!

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