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1Across the Border, Under the TableHi Ken, Thanks for your message. I think a lot of expats share your concern. People will probably ask you about U.S. politics regardless of where you go in the world, and regardless of who's in office. (Although these are particularly strange times for sure). I hope that doesn't hold you back - best of luck to you and your wife as you plan your move! 2017-06-09 13:00:39
2A Free Volunteer Abroad Project Comes at a High CostHey! Yes, they would welcome more volunteers. The website I created is medosoloy (dot) wordpress (dot) com. You can find out more about the organisation there!2017-01-18 00:19:41
3How to Teach Private English LessonsHi, Maria, That's so exciting! I chose to get certified through the International TEFL Academy because they offer an online course that I could manage while I was still in school full-time. And the practicum part of the certification allowed me to get practical teaching experience before going abroad. I also got some helpful resume/cover letter/employment feedback from the advisors at ITA. However, I did have to do a lot of learning on my feet, as any certification can't prepare you for absolutely everything you might encounter in the classroom. A TEFL certification is often required to teach in private language schools and institutes in Medellin. Best of luck to you! 2017-01-11 18:01:04
4A Free Volunteer Abroad Project Comes at a High CostHi Jess, Thanks for your comment! I'd say that the organization still needs a lot of development. I wouldn't say that they were siphoning off international funds, because they actually lacked any funds in general. What I learned was that some volunteer opportunities aren't always as they seem, and it's important to be flexible--- especially when working with a young organization that hasn't yet reached non-profit status. I stayed for the duration that I'd planned to stay, and have since left the town in order to teach elsewhere. It was definitely an eye-opening experience! 2017-01-11 17:52:15
5An Honest Attempt: Teaching Young LearnersAlicia- Sure! At the very least, there's never a dull moment!2016-09-10 19:11:48

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