Verge has partnered with like-minded organizations that share our commitment to bettering the world. We are working together to offer Verge members exclusive benefits on products and services that make the world a little better, or travel a little easier.

A comprehensive guide to building an international career.  Produced by Verge Magazine, this project has been five years in the making.  Real world advice for international job success.

Get firsthand insights and expert advice from professionals working around the world, plus a comprehensive suite of tools and guides.

International job listings updated daily, self-assessment quizzes, pre-departure checklists, cost comparison spreadsheets, packing lists, career sector reports and more.

Use your Verge member code and get 50% off a subscription to Careers for Globetrotters.

Member code: cfg2019-167783

Remnant Studios is a jewelry business that donates 100% of its profits to anti-human trafficking organizations.

We specifically make jewelry out of porcelain clay but have recently added laser-cut wood to our collection. Our jewelry is hand-made in Austin using ethically sourced materials. We love providing jewelry to people who want to use their dollars for good in their shopping and gift-giving!

Verge members, please quote VERGE20 to receive 20% off your orders at Remnant Studios.

Genuine Tea was launched to share ethically-sourced, genuine tea with the market.  Sarah and Dave founded Genuine Tea after living in Taiwan and learning about tea from local tea farmers. 

It dawned on them; why don't people in North America enjoy "genuine" tea? Loose Leaf Tea in North America was becoming popular but the emphasis was on cute blends, artificial flavours and gimmicky names, rather than the tea itself and culture behind it.

Bringing their newfound expertise with them to Canada, Genuine Tea was launched to share ethically-sourced, genuine tea with the market.

Verge members can enjoy 20% off all Genuine Tea by quoting VERGE20.

Chic Made Consciously is a social enterprise dedicated to empowering people to wear a better story through our handcrafted fashion accessories.

Our mission is to reconnect consumers to what they buy through our transparency and our commitment to our makers. What sets us apart is our unique and bold designs, our dedication to preserving traditional craftsmanship, as well as our creative use of re-purposing materials for a sustainable future.

Chic Made Consciously is offering Verge members  15% off - please use the code CMCVERGE15 .

Ahimsa Eco is a business-for-good that truly cares and is committed to providing solutions for a healthier planet.

Many people and organizations have the ‘Want’, they just don’t have the ‘How’. We help organizations meet their sustainability goals, and we sell next-level Zero Waste products made from top quality biodegradable, upcycled and reclaimed materials. We raise awareness about environmental issues through blogs, interviews and social media.

Ahisma Eco is offering Verge members 10% off, with the code VERGE10.

Dandarah is a social enterprise that curates an assortment of fair trade fashion accessories and home décor.

At Dandarah, we aim to empower artisans and sustain traditional crafts by offering unique ethically sourced handmade products that tell a story of people, lands and traditions.

Your purchase empowers artisans by creating opportunities for fair income and safe and healthy work environments. We invite you to experience the Dandarah products crafted with care, and to become part of this story of empowerment of artisans and their communities.

Use your Verge member code verge10 when you shop at Dandarah to get 10% discount on each purchase. While on our website don’t forget to subscribe to Dandarah’s newsletter to be first to know about new arrivals, offers & more.

Get up-to-date travel health information and advice, and connect with an international network of reputable English-speaking doctors.

IAMAT is a non-profit organization that provides current, authoritative travel health information, connects members with reputable doctors around the world and enhances medical standards in clinics and hospitals abroad through their scholarships.

Use your Verge member code when you register with IAMAT and get full, unlimited access to all IAMAT's travel health resources.

Join IAMAT for free now using member code: verge2019-167783

A Vision Global WiFi hotspot allows you to use the internet on your smartphone, tablet, etc without the hassle of setup.

Enjoy rapid WiFi anywhere in the world. Simply enter the password into your device, and you're set. Access the internet as usual without incurring expensive fees overseas. As a Verge member, follow this link to explore the plans and receive a 10% discount on your Vision Global Wifi plan. provides tax refunds from 13 countries.  We also provide tax services for residents and expats.

If you worked abroad, you could be due a Tax Refund. We’ll make your annual tax return as easy as possible, and ensure that you claim any tax allowances that can be offset against your tax expenses.

Explore tax services with, and get $20 off your plan using this code: verge2019-167783

sariKNOTsari is a comfortable and elegant clothing line inspired by a desire to ethically repurpose high-quality, timeless vintage silk South Asian saris.

With each purchase, customers participate in a clothing movement that celebrates the fabrics of India, while extending their life and putting sustainability first.

Verge subscribers should send the sariKNOTsari team a direct message on Facebook to receive a personalized discount code for 25% off a regular priced item in store or online.

SPIRIT OF VERA is a manufacturer and purveyor of simple, sustainable sterling silver jewelry.

The silver is recycled in an environmentally responsible way from electronics, and the sterling silver resulting from the recycling process is actually a higher grade than conventional silver. This means the pieces are easily wearable in every circumstance including in water, while travelling and during exercise.

SPIRIT OF VERA pieces are soldered, annealed and work hardened for durability and come with a lifetime warranty. Verge subscribers should quote VERGEFAM at checkout to receive 20% off their SPIRIT OF VERA order. 

Keep healthy while you travel! The Healthy Voyage mobile app connects you to a team of Canadian medical professionals before, during and after your trip.

Download Healthy Voyage for free access to:

Free general travel health information
A personalized travel health plan
Pre-travel health consultation via video-call
Medications and prescriptions delivered to your home
Continuous support from our medical team via text and video-call throughout your trip

No need to call for appointments, sit in clinic waiting rooms, or travel without easy access to your home country’s medical experts.

* Healthy Voyage is currently available in Quebec and Ontario. Across Canada coming soon!

Get 10% off your personalized travel-health plan using this code: meaningfultravel

Visit Healthy Voyage now to download your free travel health app for iphone or Android >

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