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Special Section: Grassroots Traveller’s Hit-List

Everyone has a bucket-list of things they’d like to do before it’s too late. How about volunteering on a conservation project in Madagascar or helping to build a school in the Ecuadorian Andes? Maybe you’d like to add a few new skills to your repertoire—like polishing your Mandarin in China. The time is now. Check out this 12-page section of great ideas for meaningful travel—as if your list wasn’t long enough already!

Best Travel Pix of 2010
The things we photograph on our travels, and how we choose to depict them, speaks volumes about how travel shapes our understanding of the world’s places and cultures,. This photo section represents the best of the hundreds of submissions we received as part of Verge magazine’s 2010 photo challenge.

The Long Road to Reconstruction: Haiti One Year On

Nearly a year after a massive earthquake levelled much of Haiti, the enormous reconstruction effort continues. James Stairs checks in with the Canadian Red Cross in Jacmel.


Events Calendar
Go fly a kite in India, mingle with the Maori in New Zealand or play with fire in Scotland.

Industry News
Kudos, news and innovations from the field.

A LITTLE HELP CAN GO A LONG WAY—Arranging a job teaching English overseas can be tricky. Enlisting the services of a credible recruiting company can be your best insurance against misunderstandings and disappointments.

UNSUSTAINABILITY IN TODAY'S SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT—Are poorly conceived development schemes and handouts taking the “sustainable” out of sustainable development?

Global Classroom
YOU MAY BE HOME, BUT THE JOURNEY ISN'T OVER—Culture shock is to be expected for most travellers arriving in a new country. But often the return home can be more difficult than those first few weeks abroad. How do you cope when home-sweet-home suddenly feels like a foreign country?

BORNEO'S LAST STAND—Each year, an area 16 times the size of New York City is cut from the heart of Borneo‘s rainforest—one of the world’s most important centres of biodiversity. A group of students learns firsthand how an indigenous community is taking a stand.

Books, Blogs and Tunes: Our picks to inspire your inner vagabond.


Verge believes in travel for change. International experience creates global citizens, who can change our planet for the better. This belief is at the core of everything we do.

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